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Four years at Chester University resulted in my combined Honours BA Degree in Dance with French (and before you ask... this didn't involve dancing in France, French dancing, or speaking French whilst dancing - all common misconceptions!) One of those years was spent living and studying in France.


Shortly thereafter, I moved to London in order to pursue my passion for dance and I performed in a contemporary dance company for a few years before finding the world of Voice. Having always had a natural affinity for accents, I was encouraged... or rather FORCED into applying for the MA course in Voice Studies at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, which I did. This was an intense, brilliant and life changing year.


Since graduating, I have taught voice and accents in various drama schools, delivered MANY workshops and coached MANY actors one to one, before moving into TV and film work. I love coaching and supporting actors from prep and pre production right through to being on set and then post production. I'm beyond lucky to call this my job and even luckier I get to work with Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe and Emmy nominees and winners. I mean... I'm not saying their success is COMPLETELY down to me but...


Photo Credit: Rosalind Hobley
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