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Four years at Chester University resulted in a combined Honours BA Degree in Dance with French (and before you ask.. this didn't involve dancing in France, French dancing, or speaking French whilst dancing - common misconceptions!) A year of that was spent living and studying in France. Shortly thereafter, I moved to London in order to pursue my passion for performing and I danced in a contemporary dance company for a few years before finding the world of Voice. Having always had a natural affinity for accents, I was encouraged.. no.. FORCED into applying for the MA course in Voice Studies at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, which I did. This was an intense, brilliant and life changing year. Since graduating, I have worked as an accent/dialect coach for TV, film and theatre, taught voice and accents in drama schools and coached many accents one to one. I have also taught a variety of workshops based on either a specific accent or simply on the acquisition of accents in general,  as well as workshops focussing on communication skills. That's me in a nutshell.  


Photo Credit: Rosalind Hobley
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