Every voice is unique to the individual. To an actor, it is one of the most key necessities involved in any portrayal of character. Essential for any actor, is the ability to convey the truth and sometimes, this can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Humans spend their lifetimes forming habits; some useful, some not. The first step to adapting and finding the true voice that speaks for the self, is becoming aware of what doesn't serve us. Working on your voice doesn't mean changing your voice to something or someone else, it means finding truth within your own voice and this may involve a process of breaking habitual patterns, which over time, may have become a hindrance. My background in dance has served me well in learning about the physical and holistic nature of the voice and I feel it stands me in good stead when coaching others. I offer one-to-one voice sessions or group workshops for anyone. 

Accents are my thing. Every one of us learns in different ways and I believe anyone can acquire and master a different accent by using a method they best respond to. I can help to establish what this might be. I pride myself on having a great ear for accents and one of my skills is to be able to pick up on the minute details of an accent. I am therefore able to hear immediately anything which isn't right and be able to coach the appropriate adjustment in a way that each client/actor/student will respond to. Some may be able to hear the sound and mimic whilst others may need to be able to feel where to 'place' the accent in the mouth. My job is to tailor my coaching to the individual. Similarly, for those with English as a second language who are looking to soften or reduce their native accent, I am able to pinpoint areas to work on to achieve the required sound. It's also worth mentioning that I have a wealth of contacts in this industry and I will always be able to suggest a different coach (eg native) if I feel they could serve you better depending on the accent needed. I offer private coaching both face to face or skype/zoom if required. I can also offer shared sessions in order to reduce the cost. 


As someone who comes from a movement background, public speaking was never something I saw myself even doing let alone coaching but life can be incredibly surprising sometimes right? If you are someone who has to speak in public, address an audience, give presentations or simply just communicate with others and you feel as though sometimes you can get blocked, then it might be worth looking into some coaching. I have been on a journey myself with public speaking and I can vouch for the fact that there IS a way or a tool that works for you. I offer group workshops for businesses for example or private coaching sessions in this area.


To enquire about rates, drop me an email with your needs/requirements and I'll be able to advise you about the different rates, deals and packages I offer.

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