"I would hire Helen again in a heartbeat. Her professionalism and enthusiasm for the voice and accent was remarkable. Helen's focus on connection, breath and authenticity really helped shape the characters and the world we were trying to build."

Samuel Clemens

Actor, Director, Producer

"I needed a group of 14 sixteen and seventeen year old actors to learn a Mancunian accent. Helen did a fantastic job! There was quite a range of accent ability in the class, but with Helen's guidance and worksheets they were all able to deliver a Northern accent with confidence by the time of the production. Helen was also very kind as not only did she give some one to one help in the workshop, but also stayed in touch in the run up to the show, making sure if an actor was struggling with a particular phrase they could ask her for help."

Victoria Buse

Director of Theatre

"Helen is a brilliant, patient coach. Her sessions make you feel like you’re in a safe pair of hands - with her help I passed for a native speaker of the accent and dialect I was studying. She is extremely approachable, open and helpful. Can’t recommend her enough."

Becky Wright


"We had one session with Helen to learn a Blackburn accent, for a play set in Blackburn and to be performed in Blackburn. We were all Southerners who'd never done a Lancashire accent before. By the end of the session Helen had given us the key sounds to work on and plenty of practice with really helpful feedback. By the time we performed the piece a couple of weeks later, we were congratulated on how accurate our accents were, but more importantly, the play came across and really resonated with the audience"

Augustina Seymour


"Helen helped me enormously with my vocal quality on stage. During my session I had several 'epiphany' moments when Helen worked with me on solutions for my problems. Helen made me feel completely at ease and I really found myself enjoy the session. I would not hesitate recommending Helen to anyone who needed vocal coaching."

Lara Lemon


"I highly recommend working with Helen! 

I have worked with her on multiple scripts in both English and American accents - my natural accent being Irish. She is both encouraging and patient which are traits of a truly great teacher. 

She has not only helped me to sound out the accents we have worked on but has helped me to understand the sounds and how they are physically made. This greater understanding helps me to confidently make choices with my work and I can walk in to an audition or on to set without worrying about my accent. This allows me to concentrate on my performance. I hope to be working with Helen for many more years to come!"

Olwen Kelly


"Helen was amazing and has worked on various scripts with me when I've needed a specific accent

and/or dialect. Working on word placement and sounds and also recording them for me to learn by myself. She is patient and has a clever ear for picking up any inconsistencies I've made, but explained it to me in a way that is easy to remember/Learn."

Emily Beach


"I recommend working with Helen without hesitation! She has a relaxed, straightforward approach, has an extensive knowledge of accents and somehow knows how to get dialect-phobic actors like me to recreate them! All this, while making it fun at the same time. A true powerhouse and lovely woman - thank you Helen, for all your help so far, see you again soon!"

Laura Rees


"Helen is my go to Accent Coach. I have worked with her on numerous occasions and would work with her again in a heart beat. She’s so clear, patient & personable. I love her!"

Julie Atherton

Actress, Director

"Helen worked with us on what was a very challenging Blackburn dialect. Her specificity and care combined with such a positive energy made the experience of working on the text a pleasure. I’m usually very earnest and nervous when working on a new accent but Helen made the whole process fun which had the consequence of making the accent easier to grasp. The Blackburn audience were convinced of our accents so her work literally speaks for itself."

Timothy Allsop


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